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DFF started out in January 2015 working to bring non-formal education, nutrition, wellbeing, employability and skill-building support to youth and children at risk in the Delhi area, collaborating as the implementation partner for Childscapes (CS), a programme of PVR Nest, the social outreach of PVR Cinemas. DFF set up 5 centres, worked on community outreach around JJ clusters and factory areas of Delhi, and recruited and built a strong ground team, who were supported and trained by the DFF team and resource people arranged by DFF for perspective and capacity building. Apart from setting up, running the centres and training the team, workshops on awareness & rights, gender training, creative therapy and exposure visits were arranged for the youth and children through different experts and groups. A half-way-home for the rehabilitation of youth and children on substance use was also collaboratively set up. Within the first 2 years approximately 4000 youth and children had been connected with through the 5 centres.

PVR Nest's flagship programme reaching out with non-formal education and overall opportunity development for children at risk (both on-street and those from impoverished homes) across Delhi and the NCR, the Childscapes’ vision is to enable children at risk, living with less opportunity, to have access to a secure space for growth and development through Non-Formal Education (NFE) support; basic academic and computer literacy inputs; exploration of interests and talents; livelihood skills training, and awareness of rights. It also aims to provide basic nutrition and healthcare inputs, and where required, substance abuse rehabilitation and wellbeing support. DFF collaborated with PVR Nest to implement the revisioned Childscapes project in 2015.​


The aim is to reach out and offer these children the support, encouragement and opportunity to strengthen their journey towards literacy, education, awareness, self-expression and life skill learning through multiple experiences and exposure. The CS focus is on creating a sensitive, supportive and productive space that will nurture and encourage independent growth, development and the best performance of each child, through Five Focus Verticals.

Five Focus Verticals of Childscapes

  1. Non Formal Education & Activities

  2. Nutrition & Health

  3. Wellbeing & Rehabilitation

  4. Employability & Skill Building for Youth

  5. Awareness & Rights, Gender Training, Creative Therapy

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